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Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

A.R. INDUSTRIES is a reputed Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturer & Supplier in DelhiWe are well known suppliers as all types of Multi Cyclone Dust Collector, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector manufacturer, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Supplier, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector India, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Delhi, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Price, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Design.

Advantages of our Multi Cyclone Dust Collector System

Equipment Cost:  Often the deciding factor when choosing a dust collection solution.  Depending on the cost of ductwork and installation, a central dust collection system can initially cost less than purchasing 12 or more individual dust collectors.
Waste Removal:  As dusty air is filtered, waste dust is collected in bines, drawers or hoppers.  Waste removal from one location verses many locations is easier and thus more cost effective.
Filter Replacement:  Replacing filters from 12 or more separate machines will cost more than regular filter replacement of one large dust collector designed for heavy loads.
Energy Consumption:  Your energy bill will be lower when powering one big dust collector than if you try to power a dozen or so dust collector motors.
Noise:  Imagine the noise from 12 or more dust collector motors and blowers running in a work area.  Now take that noise, put it all in one big motor / blower and tuck it away in its own area, away from workers.
Maintenance:  You can go either way on maintenance.  With multiple air cleaners, you have that many more parts to replace.  With one central dust collector, you only have one set of components to maintain.  On the other hand, if your central dust collection system goes down, all workstations go down.

We, A.R. INDUSTRIES Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturer & Supplier in Delhi, Call: +91-9870283662 for Sales Inquiry or fill the Request More Info form given on the bottom of the home page for more details.

Dust Collectors


A.R. INDUSTRIES is Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturer & Supplier in Delhi with the aim of giving our customers maximum satisfaction, we design dust Collectors systems that filter dust from air generated through industrial processes and thus enable discharge of pollution free air. Our customers can avail this service of easy to install and maintain system at competitive rates from the market.

We design different types of dust collectors that efficiently treat different types of air pollution which include: Multi Cyclone Dust Collector, Today A.R. INDUSTRIES has become famous for as Multi Cyclone Dust Collector in India, We are No.1 Multi Cyclone Dust Collector in Delhi.

Our Expert engineer Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Design are liked all over India & We design it with different shape & size, A.R. INDUSTRIES Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Price is minimum to our all competitors.

  • Air washers and air scrubbers
  • Electrostatic precipitators, Cartridge dust collectors
  • Inertial separators, Bag house collectors
  • Timer, Cages, Clamps, Diaphragm Valve, Rotary Airlock
  • Venturi, Blow Pipe, Housing, Clean Air, Plenum & Outlet, Slide Gate, Seal, Drum & Drum Dolly 
Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturer & Supplier in Delhi, Call: +91-9870283662 for Sales Enquiry 
or fill the Request More Info form given on the bottom of the home page for more details.

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